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As Aerospace engineering involves design and manufacture of very high technology systems, the job requires manual, technical as well as mechanical aptitude. Though highly paid, work is very demanding. The specialisations include in areas like structural design, navigational guidance and control systems, instrumentation and communication or production methods or it can be in a particular product such as military aircrafts, passenger planes, helicopters, satellites, rockets etc. They find a very good demand in airlines, aircraft manufacturing units, air turbine production plants or design development programmes for the aviation industry. The main thrust in this area is on design and development of aircrafts to space and satellite research.

How The Course Pans Out

Major Topics of Study Government Companies Private Companies
Transforms and Partial Differential Equations NAL (National Aerospace Laboratory), Bangalore Capegemini, Bangalore
Aero Engineering Thermodynamics HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited) , Bangalore Honywell, Bangalore
Elements of Aeronautics ADA (Aircraft Development Agency), Bangalore Infotech, Bangalore
Aircraft Systems and Instruments DRDO (Defense Research And Development Organization), Bangalore SDS(shreoy digital systems), Bangalore
Mechanics of Machines GTRE (Gas Turbine Research Establishment) , Bangalore GoodRich, Bangalore
Flight Dynamics ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation), Bangalore NestAvia, Bangalore
Control Engineering    
Vibrations and Elements of Aeroelasticity    
Composite Materials and Structures